Thursday, April 12, 2007

HomeJob Pro

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Get Paid to Search.....Efficient Engine, Excellent Earning Scope

Everytime you have been using Google and Yahoo for searches. But have you ever thought of getting a share of the commissions that these huge search engines make per day.
How about having a search engine that can be used for Information Retrieval like the major search engines, with the added advantage of bringing u commissions while performing searches.

I have hit upon a site which has already made me 2.23$ just in 2hours by making a few nominal searches. I m really convinced that this program wont let you down and u wld definitely find it exciting to make money while searching.

All u need to do is set up the Browser main page with their website address or else u can open with their link provided, make some searches and instantly check your stats. the prgram is still in BETA version and slowly upgrading. U can enhance ur earning by referrals also. So now u can sleep while ur system makes money!
It is available for all people and providing payout at 50$ by check or paypal.
Targeting Indians , I would like to mention that this may not be a Indian site but it can surely build u a residual Income.

Now just keep surfing, searching and earning. Join below.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Online Marketing -- Best Deals

If u want to make shopping u can do it easily with the help of ur keyboard.
Its all about finding ur favourite items online. U can get the best deals here atr perhaps the lowest cost or a decent rate.
Ebay, is a first Indian Online marketplace where u gt freedom of auctions, selling, buying and also SETTING UR OWN BUSINESS!!
In fact u can make Rs 25000-30000 monthly by doing simple jobs for ebay. its all in the Ebay Business, and I m posting the link to the program below. Ebay provides a genuine unique business oppurtunity globally acceptable.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Creativity Earns !!

Get Paid For Submitting Articles
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Now, here comes my most favourite Indian website, homejob, where u get to earn from content submissions. U can submit ur creations in any field, let it be cooking recipes, or recent happenings or even ur outcomes of day to day life.All you have to do is GENERATE CONTENT AND U WILL BE SURELY PAID BETWEEN $2 TO $10 PER ARTICLE. This is a genuine site, I have lareday been a top author in this site, and u can also find my testimonial in this site. I ha been paid 73$ from Homejob.Homejob gets more than 5000 visitors daily and is currently very popular online earning program. Specially built for Indians to make money while using their creative spirits.Homejob is the first website to come up with such an idea of earning and i can bet that there is no other Indian website which pays so promptly just for writing articles, of course it should not be copied from other websites.Try homejob today and register as a author free and earn money as well as make reputation as a author.

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Human Edited Indian Web Directory

EmailMe Web Directory

Human Edited Web directory

This is the first human edited Indian web Directory. Its a very well-organised site and categorised to view different sections as u wish. You can get every possible detail regarding the categorised Indian websites starting from FAQs and ending with even the contact numbers of the admin.
Suppose u r looking for a Indian Jobs websites, you can easily folllow this directory to get a sum total of links and a brief summary of every website along with a adobe screenshot.
A wonderful blog about different resorts of maldives, and beautiful pictures of Maldives is just a icing to the cake. In a whole this Indian website will slowly become a vast web directory, although its a just few months that it has started, it has progressed very well.
And u can also help in building this directory, and yes u will be paid for ur job u do. To know more visit the link above.

Googling India - Info about India, Paid to write Review.

Its a website to gather information regarding Indian Legends, Mobile devices, Latest Happenings etc.
The best part of this website is that u get paid for writing reviews in the required sections. Its a new upcoming website, I m a writer in that site and I have been already paid 110$.
U people can also earn by writing reviews. It gives a decent rate of $2 per article.
Googling India, in short, is having a glimpse of India online. Its a newly created website, and it has alreday got a 1st page google rank. I have posted the banner below, u should visit it and register as a author. If you are an Indian and have talent to outshine yourself in a wide platform, u can go ahead to earn money and fame online.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sending Photos Online

Category: Entertainment


Online Photo Printing India

These three words says all about the website Picsquare. It is the space between hello and goodbye that one can do without.."

Here memories in form of photographs act as an amiable medium to brim this space. It becomes an effective medium to convey memories, emotions and moments with near and dear ones.
Unlike a dream that comes with a lovely sleep, only to be broken with the first light, unlike a mark that imprints on the sand, only to be erased with a fresh tide; photo prints sustains memories, creating imprints of joy and contentment. Thereby, creating a feeling of closeness.
Sometimes, while we are miles apart, this effective medium of communion, becomes inaccessible to us. There are not enough ways that could enable us to do this without adding too much inconvenience.

So, Picsquare offers to refresh and enliven your memories. A convenient and cost effective way of creating a smile which costs nothing but creates much; by sending photo gifts to your family and friends in India. Thereby, creating a bond which cannot be defined, but can only be experienced.

At, Picsquare you can upload, view, share and order high quality prints of the digital photographs online. Create your own personalized photo gifts such as calendars, cards, mugs and T-shirts and get them printed and delivered o your loved ones, conveniently. Here at Picsquare, they have a experienced printing network and a reliable delivery channel to send photo prints and photo gifts throughout India, at your doorstep.

Shopping Ayurveda Products Online

Category: Online Shopping

Since 1971, Bazaar of India has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality herbal products based on India's unparalleled system of alternative medicine, Ayurveda. They are one of the largest, one of the most trusted companies that offers ethically wildcrafted Ayurvedic herbs & supplements.

Their goal is to provide the customers with superior imported products at favorable prices. They promise to do this with enthusiasm and dedication, keeping in mind that the customer always comes first. The company policy can be simply stated: SERVICE, QUALITY, PRICING!

Bazaar of India, Inc. is proud to be a leader in implementing new systems and methods of quality control to assure customers, that you are always getting the best product available at the best value. They have just completed a move to a new 10,000 square foot facility where they can stock larger inventory of items, insuring that products are in stock and available. As a reputed importer in the Bay Area, they are confident that, this new space acquisition assures them to be a leader in timely delivery and superior service of our products. All their herbal products come from Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana.
All the herbs are organically grown. They are "wildcrafted" and are grown in their natural state without any pesticide spraying whatsoever. They are the purest, most natural, form of the herb you can buy.

The company is so confident in the quality of the items they sell, that they offer you a 30 day return policy and a full 100% refund of the product price, if you are not happy with the item you have purchased, for any reason! Make sure you are buying herbs straight from the source where Ayurveda was born!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Category: Internet Job Oppurtunities

This Site shows you exactly how to make Thousands of rupees from Internet. They are giving you the secrets of earning money from internet which took 3 years for them to achieve. You can learn those secrets within one day. Yes, it takes only one day for you to understand the concept and start earning. All you have to do is just follow their simple step by step instructions to earn huge money.

Investing Ideas With STOCK TIPS & ONLINE ACCOUNT !

Category: Investment and Finance

If u ask anyone for a stock tip today & chances are you would be flooded with friendly advice. Try to find reasons for the friendly advice & you would be met with a cold shrug or the name of someone who knows someone who knows someone else. And if you yourself have a stock in mind & want to know what to do, you won’t find anyone to turn to - except the Experts !
Best Expert online guidelines are offered by MAXIMUS OFFERS.
Maximus offers you the following 2 Services:
Buy of the Week - In "Buy of the week" - They not only give you Investment Stock Picks with detailed analysis but also the justification for each buy. Instead of giving a flood of opinions - they give you one GREAT Pick every week, so that you can slowly diversify your portfolio with Immense Growth Potential Stocks.
Your Stock Analysis - Have a stock in mind & don’t know what to do? Nobody to help you with some decent and reliable analysis? Just tell them the stock & a team of experts will give you a detailed analysis of the same. This analysis will cover the fundamentals of the company, its financials, its potential & anything else you would like to know. The knowledge will be accumulated from all possible sources (if time permits, directly from the company too). Every week! And you don’t need to pay a bomb for this.
Invest Safely in the Most Happening Market in the World - With Stock Tips & Demat Account !

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The best place for Bollywood Movie Maniacs !!

Category: Entertainment


Bollywood Planet was established to make available Hindi DVDs. It was an effort to create an enjoyable renting experience so that Hindi DVDs can be rented without the issues surrounding returning DVDs and the late fees incurred. Bollywood Planet is dedicated to providing an expansive collection of Hindi DVDs with the best customer support available to make your experience the best it can be.

Bollywood Planet specializes in bringing you the finest Hindi DVDs available on the world wide web. Buy all the newest Hindi DVDs and maximize on the savings.
Hindi DVDs as low as $4.99! Amongst their wide selection of Hindi DVDs you may even find Bengali DVDs, Gujarati DVDs, Telugu DVDs, Tamil DVDs, Malayalam DVDs, and Punjabi DVDs.

Their product line consists of mainly Indian DVDs with 2 movies on 1 DVD, and single movie Hindi DVDs. All the Indian DVDs for sale contain english subtitles. Other languages may also be present depending on the film. The Hindi DVDs found on this site are in anamorphic widescreen and have full menu options and features

Online Music Store for Indians


CD Universe - New Releases Always on Sale!

Established in 1996, CD Universe is a leading internet retailer specializing in the sale of music CDs and Imports, movies and video games to customers all over the world. This website offers everyday low prices and a selection of product that is unmatched.

CD Universe has been honored for their exemplary customer service and satisfaction year after year receiving awards such as the Bizrate Circle of Excellence in addition to top customer ratings on Yahoo Shopping,, and many more.


1. Selection & Pricing:

Through the vast distribution network, this website is able to offer over 500,000 music, movie, and video game titles! They sell CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, UMDs, Video Games, SACDs, DVD-Audio, Cassettes, and much more. The majority of titles are available and usually ready to ship in 1-2 days.

2. Safe & Secure:

They use the latest encryption technology, multiple payment methods and security procedures to always protect your personal data. They also protect your privacy by not renting or selling your name or personal information to any third parties or by send you unwanted junk email.

If u are typically addicted to music NOW YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT long for LATEST RELEASES instead you can simply visit cdUniverse to get it done quick !!

After all, What's Life Without Music !!